Sunday, September 27, 2015

Each Kindness

Stepping in to a new job can be intimidating.  There are many things you are unsure of when you first walk through those doors.  What is my library space like?  What is the collection going to feature?  Are the students going to accept me as their new librarian?  Will the staff accept me as their new colleague?  Was this a good decision?  You know you can do this.  You believe in yourself.  But still...  It is a little nerve racking.

Let me tell you about my first month at Moretown Elementary School and how each member of the community have made my fears and anxieties vanish into thin air.

Even before school started, I was invited to join a team of educators to work on personal learning projects.  This work would be implemented with fifth and sixth grade students this upcoming school year.  Right away the team welcomed me with open arms.  They were easy to work with, open, and  kind.  I immediately felt like a valued member of the team. I also laughed and had a good time in their company.

Another kindness was when the outgoing librarian, Meg Allison, did the literal and figurative passing of the keys.  She introduced me to the library space, the school community, and other staff members.  But it was her warm personality that make me feel like "I can do it" and that I was welcome.

When school began, each and everyone of the staff members welcomed me with the same warmth and kindness.  I was amazed by the staff's dedication to their students and their infectious enthusiasm for collaboration.  With each greeting, meeting, email, and smile, my fears and anxieties gradually lessened until they were no longer there.

Last Sunday, I broke my right arm.  In this instance it became painfully obvious what a great community I was now serving. Students, staff, and community members have gone out of their way to help me in even the smallest things.  There're too many to list.  So for this and for the first month of my experience at Moretown Elementary, I want to say "thank you!"

Like Jacqueline Woodson said, each kindness "is like a ripple that goes out into the world."  And each kindness that was given me helped me feel comfortable in my own skin.  I hope to pay the kindness forward.  It has helped me to really and truly love my job.  Thank you.


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