Friday, December 18, 2015

Last Stop on Market Street by Matt de la Pena

When CJ leaves church with his nana, they board a city bus.  CJ complains about the journey.  He doesn't like that it is raining or that he has to ride the bus.  With every complaint, Nana has a reason why he should be grateful.  Rain helps the trees grow.  On the bus, old Mr. Dennis does magic tricks for CJ.   At the end, we find out the reason CJ and his nana are on the bus.   They are volunteering at the soup kitchen.  But the end isn't the only positive message in this book.  Kindness, wonderment, & gratitude fill each page of this wonderful picture book.  CJ wonders "how his nana always found beautiful where he never even thought to look."  I'm glad I thought to look at this book and see the beauty in the world around me.  This should be required reading for all humanity.  


  1. Last Stop on Market Street hit it big winning the Newbery Award and a Caldecott Honor Award!! I knew this was a special book. Check it out today!

  2. This a remarkable, beautifully written and illustrated book.


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