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Moretown Messenger

The 4th edition of our student newspaper is out!  Please check it out.  Students have had lots of fun creating & learning!

Gale Resources

Moretown School Library has a new resource: Vermont Online Library.
  This resource is a collection of Gale databases on a variety of subjects and reading levels.  But what is a database and why is it useful?  These databases are a collection of articles from trusted sources:  professional encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, scholarly journals, & primary sources.  These articles are great for research because they come from experts in the field rather than random webpage posts.   Here is a list of all the databases that are available to our school community:  List of Gale Resources.  Links to these resources can be found on the Library Webpage.  If you need the passwords, please ask Mrs. Wood (

Here are some of the highlights:

Kids Info Bits has had a facelift!!  This used to be a clunky and distracting database.  It was really unhelpful for elementary school level students.  BUT not anymore!  Information is presented in a visual way helping beginning readers to …