Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mrs. Wood's Multiple Intelligences

  1. In which intelligence are you the strongest? Intrapersonal (Self Smart)

  1. How can you use this type of smarts to help you get stronger in other intelligences? I can do some dancing to express how I feel to help with my body smarts. I can write my autobiography to help with my word smarts. I can volunteer for an organization that I'm passionate about to help build by people smarts.

  1. In which intelligence are you the weakest? Kinesthetic (Body Smart)

  1. In what ways can you improve this type of smarts?  I can do a solo sport like swimming or running.

  1. BONUS:  What careers could you explore based on your strengths? comedian, film maker, philosopher, researcher

Monday, March 14, 2016


On Tuesday March 8th, Moretown students went on a storywalk.  The book Blizzard by John Rocco was set up in a special way to enjoy it while hiking up to the upper ECO base camp.  Each page was laminated and spaced out throughout the school's backwoods.  Students enjoyed the semi-wintery day while enjoying a very wintery book.  I, in particular, enjoyed being able to share two of my great joys:  nature & books!

Blizzard is the story of the author's experiences during a huge blizzard including snowshoeing to the local market for food supplies with homemade snowshoes.  The book is on this year's Red Clover Nominee list.

The students that participated were preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.  The storywalk will remain up in the wood until the end of April.  Although we might not have received much snow this year, you can imagine your in the middle of a blizzard when you take a hike in our school back woods.  Hope you all enjoy!

Red Clover Day & Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award

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