Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Book Awards

The tension is mounting.  Our students have read all the books.  They carefully deliberated on their choice.  They have cast their vote.  Here are our school's results for the Red Clover Book Award & the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award!

Here are the results for the Red Clover Award:

Our school's winner (by 1 vote):  Shh! We Have a Plan by Chris Haughton

2. Lindberg:  The Tale of a Flying Mouse
3. I'm My Own Dog
4. Winter Bees
5.  Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas
6.  Blizzard
7. My Grandfather's Coat
8.  Miss Brooks' Story Nook
9.  Star Stuff
10.  Firefly July

Here are the results for the Dorothy's List Award:

Our school's winner:

Tied for 1st place:  El Deafo, Ice Dogs, Badger Knight, & The Crossover!
5. Rain Reign
6. Absolutely Almost
7. Gabriel Finley
8.  Hope is a Ferris Wheel
9.  The Boundless
10. The Mark of the Dragonfly
11. The Meaning of Maggie
12.  The Night Gardener
13.  There Will Be Bears

We will find out who won the state awards shortly so stay posted!

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