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Reading is an Investment 16-17

Kindergarten through Second grade students at Moretown School are participating in a statewide program called Reading is an Investment. The goal of the program is to teach elementary-aged children personal finance concepts. We are one of 135 Vermont elementary schools who will use the program this school year. The program is managed by the Vermont State Treasurer’s Office. Participating schools are sent three new books each year that highlight a specific personal finance theme. Through lessons and activities in the school library and personal reading, students are introduced to basic financial concepts. The 2016-2017 personal finance theme is “Saving to Make Goals a Reality.”

There are two parts to this program—personal reading and school instructional activities.
As a parent, you have the opportunity to help your child complete a reading log that
will then be entered into a drawing for a $250 college savings plan account. Last year, more
than 5,600 students statewide completed logs a…

How to embed your Adobe Spark Video in your website

Embed your Adobe spark video:
Login to Adobe Spark Open your All About Me project At the top, click share
Select “Education” in the box that says “Pick a Category”
At the bottom, click “Create Link”
6.  Select “Embed” and copy the code that appears in the box below:
7.  Open up you PLP website.   8.  Go to “All About Me” tab. 9.  Click the pencil edit button. 10.  Click <HTML> in the menu:
11.  Paste the code you copied in the top of this box:

First Edition of the Moretown Messenger for the 16-17 School Year!

Check out the student run newspaper here: